March 22nd is World Water Day!

Today is, once again, World Water Day!

Jenn Winter

Today, March 22nd, is World Water Day.  So, pause for a moment and raise a glass of nice, clean water and appreciate it.

It’s something I don’t think about that much while I’m home.  It’s just there.  In a pink Britta filter in my fridge, flowing freely from faucets in my kitchen and bathroom.  It flushes my toilet, rains down on me in the shower, cleans my dirty dishes and clothes, waters my plants and fills my dog’s water bowl.  On a chilly spring day like today, it falls from the sky, slowly turning the grass green and bringing the trees back to life after a long, cold winter.  In a few months, it will be a source of entertainment as we retreat to beautiful Lake Michigan for swimming, sailing, waterskiing… In short, Chicago is pretty blessed when it comes to this seemingly unlimited resource.

But, when I travel, water…

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