Tune into my DTour!

If you haven't done so already, I invite you to follow my new travel site, A Lady Away. The past week has been very exciting and the next two promise to bring even more adventure! I'm currently enjoying my European DTour compliments of DoubleTree Hotels. So far I've visited Costa Brava in Spain, Cappadocia and [...]

Barcelona: Through the eyes of my 20-year-old self

Chapter 4 Trip date: March 20 - March 23 Age: 20 I just couldn't get enough of Spain!  After spending spring break in Costa del Sol last week I convinced Kristin, who wasn't on the trip, that España was the place to be so we quickly scrounged together a last minute Catalonian adventure for this [...]

Costa del Sol: Through the eyes of my 20-year-old self

Chapter 3! Trip date: March 8 - March 15 (Exactly 9 years ago today!) Age: 20 Hola! Last week was spring break for the students at the Romecenter in Monte Mario, though I feel like this semester has been one long spring break.  Regardless, a week without classes was welcome, as was a week at [...]